Paper Plumy Baking Mold


We are the first manufacturer of paper container with roll rim in China.

Paper container with rim(Plumpy Mold) are mainly used in the bakery, pastry and cake and confectionary Industries.
They are available in different sizes and shapes ranging from small baking cups to large paper trays with curled rims.
Moulds for plumpy moulds are self-supporting and do not require metal trays for baking.
This is Newest Paper Container with rim in China,we are the first Manufacturer in China,
In Italy,some manufacturer and supplier are selling this paper container with rim now,but their price is not good.
Why we can offer the low price ?
because we are not only a paper container with rim manufacturer,but also a paper container with rim machine manufacturer,
so we design and manufacture the machine by ourselves,low cost low price.
and now we are finding some agent and distributor in different country and city.
I believe we can definitely make you more money.

cup-photo-2 cup-photo-3 cup-photo-4 cup-photo-5

test-cup01 test-cup02 test-cup03 test-cup04
Order Process

1.customer find us on online

2.communication with customer and offer quatation

3.customer pay deposit to us

4.we receive the deposit

5.we begin to manufacturing the goods

6.when it finished,customer pay balance to us

7.we ship goods to customer

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Date: December 13, 2015