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Export Sales Manager:   Kevin Luo                              

Mob:      +86-13928762300

Skype:        luojiafu1989

MSN:           luojiafu@hotmail.com

E-mail:         info@bakingcup.net


Company Address (Mailing Address):

Address:   Room 2902, 29 Floor,Building 8, Jin Bi Wan, Gexin Road,Haizhu district ,Guangzhou,Guangdong,China

Post code: 510250


Factory Address:

factory address














We can pick you up anywhere in Guangzhou.

Kevin Luo

Kevin Luo

As a sales manager of Guangzhou Feng Da Packaging Co.,Ltd, I’m privileged to help people and solve problems. Find me on Face Book,Twitter, and let’s connect on LinkedIn.
Kevin Luo

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