Disposable cups, how much do you know?

muffin cup Disposable paper cup because of its convenient and practical, and the less the washing and scrubbing link, many families and units to entertain guests used to drink. However, people enjoy the convenience, some not marked temperature resistance, hardness is not enough, the use of paint health of low-grade paper cups are likely to harm to human health.
Paper cup still wear “pied” on June 1, 2012 on, issued by the State Administration of quality supervision and the National Standards Commission the paper cup national standards formally implemented. The standard is put forward for the first time, the paper cup “the mouth of the cup from the cup body 15mm, the bottom of the cup from 10mm of the cup body” should not be printed patterns, shall not use recycled raw materials making paper cups. From the promulgation and implementation of the new national standard for the past 3 years, however, there are still substandard disposable cups there.

paper cup making machine
Reporter visited found that super paper cups are basically accord with the new national standard. For example, the outer packaging is marked with the manufacturer’s name, address, QS certification, production license, the implementation of standards, materials, shelf life, use, product grade and other relevant information, more detailed. Especially the new GB provisions “the cup from the 15 mm of the cup body, a cup bottom distance 10mm of the cup body should not be printed, reporters interviewed found in Wal Mart, Suguo supermarket, these super selling paper cups have reached the this standard, whether it is plain and neat pattern and the cartoon pattern, the cup mouth and a cup bottom were blank to national requirements. There are some disposable cups with new material, marked was made of plant starch, more environmentally friendly.
However, in some small shops and for the township of wholesale market, but are often found not up to the standard of disposable paper cup figure. Reporter in poke Shucheng town a small store found quintana cup for the big red paper cups, although the cup body paper hard and no smell, but standard printing is does not conform to the. In the city of Yiwu market and free market of agricultural products of the South Gate of wholesalers, reporters also found that the price cheap, feels paper partial soft disposable cups and outside of the paper cup packing nor specific manufacturers label.
Most people do not know the fancy paper cup “”
“Do you know the new national standard of disposable cups?” in the face of a reporter this question, many respondents said they don’t know “”. Some respondents said direct changes never noticed by the sale of disposable cups supermarket appeared in the appearance of the. “Home to guests, I will buy some disposable cups for tea, usually pick a brand to buy, good-looking appearance pattern, as for the other, did not pay much attention to it.” In the WAL-MART supermarket, is a shelf pick disposable cups of the public told reporters.
Then, the reporter interviewed a few people randomly, they give the answer is almost. Paper cups are smell, the pattern is good-looking, paper is crisp, the price is reasonable is people choose the cups of the influencing factors, but few people will the new national standard of “cup mouth from 15mm of the cup body, a cup bottom distance 10mm of the cup body should not be printed as a necessary reference conditions.
Some small restaurant business owners is spending big disposable cups, their demand for lower disposable cups. “As long as it does not leak, smell it is not bad on the line, we are more value is the price.” Night snack stalls in the business on the island of the moon Yang told reporters.
Inferior paper cups containing harmful substances
The existence of disposable cups on the market which does not meet the specification of the problem? Sub standard paper cups to the body what harm? Buy disposable cups should follow the principle of what reporter interviewed related quality supervision departments.
City Industrial and commercial bureau of quality and technical supervision product quality supervision department chief Du Xianwu told reporters that the city currently produces disposable cups of the two companies, has obtained the production license, municipal quality supervision departments in each of two checks such products are qualified products. The disposable cups and convenient and sanitary use, is essential for many families and office supplies, consumption is more and more big. But nowadays the disposable paper cup market many brands, often prone to capacity dimensioning is not standardized, the quality of the lack of security, price chaos and other problems. ” Du Xianwu said that if the paper cups in fluorescent lighting display is blue, paper cups containing fluorescent substance density high, according to medical clinical trials, the fluorescent substance can enable the cells to produce variation, these harmful substances once it enters the body, it is easy to become a potential cancer causing factors.
Here, Du Xianwu also remind consumers to buy paper cups to “see”, “hear”, “pinch”. Cups of the packaging and labeling, check the appearance, the general paper cups should be sealed in plastic packaging bags, packaging products shall indicate the name, address, and product production enterprise implementation of standards, production date, validity, etc.; open the package after cups should not have peculiar smell; cup shape should also be crisp, there should be no deformation.

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